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Contracting with Us

The Authority has 22.9 miles of interceptors (sewers) and a pump station that it maintains.  Annual maintenance and one time capital projects are carried out by contractors that bid on our jobs.

Please go to the "Hot Topics" page for contracts currently being advertised.

The Authority routinely use PennBid to advertise contracts.


 Routine Contracts

Routine contacts include the following:

    - Operations and Maintenance of the Crum Creek Pump Station*

    - Landscaping services for the Crum Creek Pump Station*

    - Right of Way Clearing* 

    - Waste-hauling for the Crum Creek Pump Station*

    - Cleaning and TV Inspecting parts of the interceptor system

    - Routine & Emergency Interceptor Maintenance*

    - Various rehabilitation contracts 

* These contracts are generally bid for more than one year.  The remaining contracts are advertised annually.  The Authority will generally advertise for these contracts during the late summer with a bid opening at the Finance Committee meeting in September.

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipal Authority Act, these contracts are advertised in a local county paper for the required period of time.

The Authority has adopted a procurement policy that follows the requirements of the Municipal Authority's Act.  Procurement over $21,000 will be awarded via competitive bidding.  Procurement between $11,300 and $21,000 will be awarded via competitive quotes.  Procurement under $11,300 will be purchased directly using a "small project" contract or bank card.  These limits are adjusted annually according to state law.

The Authority is a member of Pennsylvania's COSTARS™ cooperative purchasing program.


The Authority has received a Pennvest loan for the relining of our Trout Run, Little Crum Creek, and Stoney Creek Interceptors.  The work is scheduled to take place over the next three years (2024, 2025 & 2026).  The project involves approximately 60,000 linear feet of 8" to 54" diameter pipe and the rehabilation of 288 manholes. 

The Trout Run Interceptor contract will be awarded on January 9, 2024.